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The Top Pros and Cons of Play-To-Earn Games You Need To Know

Playing to earn games has given video game lovers more reasons to devote their time and funds to gaming. Since those NFT games began to gain more acceptance among young folks in several developing countries, players no longer see gaming as a mere hobby to pass the time during leisure moments. Instead, they take the game as a juicy source of income that can fetch them a fortune. 

Although, earning rewards in a video game has been in existence for a long time. But, these play-to-earn games come with a different twist. Back then, players got some on-screen rewards that never materialized in real life but only accumulated in their in-game wallets

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At best, they can only manage to spend those in-game coins to unlock higher levels of more complex tasks or purchase some in-game assets that may fascinate the players but can only remain in the game. Whereas play-to-earn games allow you to earn some in-game tokens, which you can later convert6 into real-life cash to buy real estate assets, pay your daily bills, purchase goods from grocery stores, and more. How does that feel? Great!

The introduction of play-to-earn games has contributed immensely to the general acceptability of cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Also, blockchain technology has become more popular. As play-to-earn games remain at the forefront of modern technological innovation, the P2E industry has incorporated new technologies giving birth to more play-to-earn games in circulation.

Presently, there are hundreds of P2E games on the market. You can choose anyone easy for you to play with and start earning as much money as you can in the comfort of your home daily.

As play-to-earn games continue to enjoy the hype on the global scene, people seem not to talk about their impacts on people, jobs, and society. To give you a balanced view of these P2E games, here are the top pros and cons you need to know before investing your hard-earned money.

The Pros of Play-To-Earn Games 

1. Opportunity to earn real-life money

One thing that remains amazing about playing to earn games is that your in-game rewards can get into your real-life pocket. In the earlier days, players could only fantasize about converting their in-game rewards into real cash, but it could only be a wish. Then, players easily get frustrated in the long run after accumulating a reasonable amount of in-game coins that can be used to purchase virtual properties.

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Play-to-earn games have changed that frustrating story as players can now get real-life re3ards for their time and efforts in completing complex tasks. P2E players make crypto and sell when the value soars higher or invest it to purchase some in-game assets, which would make the profits margin wider.

Play-to-earn games aim to provide payers with added incentives. These rewards are only for players who spend more time in the gaming environment, so you might want to stay for long to accrue more money. On the flip side, you might lose some competitions and lose your in-game earnings.

2. They develop the gaming community  

The newest play-to-earn games presently have one of the largest and most active communities in the gaming world. For instance, Axie Infinity, the currently leading P2E game globally, has a robust community of about 106 000 daily active users. That’s incredible for a video game environment.

The large numbers are increasing because play-to-earn games allow players to work together to complete complex tasks and split the rewards afterward. This initiative helps foster an excellent player-to-player relationship building a community of players with a shared goal. The shared reward opportunity will boost the gaming communities in the nearest future. Click here to read about What Is Cryptocurrency and Should I Invest in It?

3. They may increase blockchain technology acceptability 

The gaming industry has been increasing in value since late 2020. In 2021, it rose to a whopping sum of $173.70 billion, which was actually a great success for the gaming industry. It is also expected that the worth will soar to $314.50 billion before 2027. No doubt, gaming has become the most popular form of entertainment. In contrast, blockchain is nascent, but as the P2E gaming industry adopts blockchain technology, that could be a significant breakthrough. Amazingly, many people are already becoming aware of the innovation and power of blockchain technology.

4. The benefit for both players and developers

Traditionally, only developers get to drink the juice after a video game is launched. Platers only get the excitement, fun, and mental development as their rewards for buying and playing a game. But, the real-life cash goes into the pockets of the developers.

Can you imagine some of the successful video games you have played in the past? People get to invest money in downloading or purchasing the game with the gadgets required to play. But now, players can get real-life cash into their pockets like developers. 

The Cons of Play-to-earn games   

1. They offer less fun

Since play-to-earn games are created for moneymaking purposes, players have always complained that they no longer enjoy the fun part of the game. Video games are supposed to relieve your stress, put your body in a calm active state and give you maximum entertainment. However, P2E games are primarily created for players to earn cash. Hence, every phase of the game comes with a unique level of difficulty, which makes the game less entertaining.

2. High cost of the starter pack

In most cases, you will have to make an initial investment to purchase your starter pack before you can start playing P2E games. Meanwhile, these starter packs are always costly for new players, restricting them from participating in the game community. Although a few of the P2E games do not require purchasing a starter pack yet, you will have to pay to unlock some premium features. Visit to read about The Top Benefits of Bitcoin For Play To Earn Gaming Industry.


Playing to earn games can be an excellent opportunity to make money if you dare to make the necessary initial investment and dedicate your time to stay within the gaming environment for a more extended period. Though it has some shortcomings, as listed above, you can beat those barriers and increase your earnings if you are ready to take it for more than just a game. Play-to-earn scholarships are also available for payers who cannot afford to purchase the starter pack. The pros are always encouraging enough to forge ahead no matter the cons. 

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