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Things to do to enjoy play-to-earn games

Recently, I noticed that people are complaining about play-to-earn games. Some people find it hard to get rewards after playing games like Axie Infinity and God’s Unchained. So, what caused that? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Or you assume that information about play-to-earn games is fake. NO! I noticed that people fail to acknowledge that they have a significant role to play. Do you think you’ll be rewarded if you download a game on Apple PlayStore and start playing? Do you even know there’s a procedure to follow? Do you know that there are some things you need to do before playing and after playing? I think it is getting more interested. And I hope you see where you belong. 

So, don’t join people to sabotage the image of play-to-earn games. If things are not working as they should for you, you need to check yourself. Look inwardly and outwardly. Please ask yourself, am I doing what I suppose to do? Then, if you have a solid point to back yourself up, please don’t relent and keep trying. If the case is the other way round, you need to look for a means to do what you are supposed to do even before playing these games. 

Do you know why I am saying this? I have heard people shifting the blame on play-to-earn games as though they were not accurate. I wanted to start thinking in that direction. I thought that maybe those NFT play-to-earn games were fake. But the moment I heard people’s testimonies about how games like Axie Infinity, Decentraland, Mudbox, and the Sandbox have blessed their lives, I had to refocus and rethink. 

Perhaps, what you also need to do is to rethink and refocus. All those things you want to get from playing these games will become a reality. So, after brainstorming, I came up with the idea that I think I need to share with you. But before I proceed, let us quickly say something about play-to-earn games.

What are play-to-earn games?

What are play-to-earn games?

I don’t think you need more explanation on this. Play-to-earn games are video games that are connected with blockchain technology. How do I mean? Some games are linked with either non-fungible tokens or cryptocurrencies. These games are called play-to-earn games. The idea that one can play and make money started a few years ago. Of course, situations contributed to the increased interest in playing games. For instance, in 2019, during the pandemic, Axie Infinity became popular when everyone stayed indoors. The world’s situation then prompts people to think outside the box. People began to think about what they could do from home. So, Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game that started in the Philippines and Indonesia during the pandemic. Ever since then, people have been looking for other play-to-earn games they can engage in. Can you imagine someone making close to $1000 in a month without stress? Isn’t that amazing? You also can make more than that. So, play-to-earn games are games that come with fun and bonuses simultaneously. You can read about Cover Story: Rise of play-to-earn blockchain games by clicking here.

What are the things to do to play and earn?

  1. Develop a winning mentality: If you don’t have a solid winning mentality, you will find it hard to win these games. One must be strong from within to deal with play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity, God’s Unchained, and the Sandbox. If you’ve lost the battle from the mind, there’s no reward. One of the things people are not taking cognizance of is that winning a game starts from the mind. Psychologists will prove that if you want to be declared a winner by an outsider, you must have been a winner at first from the inside. 
Develop a winning mentality

What am I saying in essence? If you want to be compensated, you must develop a winning mentality even before starting a game. Anyone weak from the inside, there’s a tendency that person cannot achieve something great from playing some video games.

  1. Play according to the game’s rule: You don’t jump over the fence and claim to be appreciated. Do you know why you’re not getting your reward after playing some video games like Axie Infinity? You’re not playing according to the rule of the game. I hope you’re seeing things you need to do. Each play-to-earn game has its rules and regulations. 

That is why I love to tell people to learn more about the game before they kick start. Several people started playing games, thinking they would understand the gameplay as the journey on. Honestly, it doesn’t work that way. Even if you’re going to learn some things about the game as the game is on, you must first understand some basics or foundation. Therefore, please refocus by telling yourself right now that you’ll play according to the rule of the game. Check out: Everything you need to know about cryptocurrency

Play according to the game’s rule
  1. Finish the registration process: Some are carried away by the testimonies they heard from people. So, they carelessly neglect some crucial aspects of the registration process. For instance, you must carefully register or open a Ronin wallet if you want to play Axie Infinity. Also, you must remember to link or connect the Ronin wallet with the Ethereum crypto account. Hence, if your eyes are on the rewards, you may unconsciously skip some process. And there’s going to be an issue. Honestly, this is one of the things you need to do before playing any play-to-earn game. Suppose you want to play Axie Infinity, and you mistakenly skipped the aspect of opening or linking your Ethereum wallet with the Ronin wallet. In that case, you are saying you don’t want the bonuses allocated to you. You can read about The Top Pros and Cons of Play-To-Earn Games You Need To Know by visiting

On a final note

Dear reader, the above-listed points are what you should do even before playing any game. Not only non-fungible token games, but virtually all the three points shared here are also applicable to games generally. So, hopefully, you have found something tangible here. Please share the link to this page with people who ought to benefit from it. You can bless people’s lives with this write-up. Finally, some questions might cross your mind while reading this article. Please kindly drop your questions in the comment box.     

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